when i said some of my best friends have been weirdos … to be honest, at least one of my best friends has been insane. but so very charismatic. that’s the thing with a lot of crazy people it seems to me. they can also be charming, so they can be entertaining and delightful on one hand, and all the while the other hand is picking your pocket.

i heard that anna was extradited from p.a. as a fugitive. i’m not entirely sure what she did … i know she assaulted a cop maybe a year ago. yeah. that’s right. but i thought that had gone to trial already. so who knows what kind of clusterfuck she has created for herself this time. i haven’t had contact with her in years, for obvious reasons. but finding out about this actually made me nauseous.

it scares me how close my brother is to her path at times. not with the assault of police officers, but the absolutely horrible decision making skills brought on by a total lack of self-control.

posted 2 years ago